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We Are Industrial Solution

We develop, We care and We protect.

We Are Industrial Solution

We develop, We care and We protect.

We Are Industrial Solution

We develop, We care and We protect.

About Nihon Spindle

Nihon Spindle

Company's Vision & Mission

Conservation of the environment has become a global issues that has prompted numerous joint efforts amongst many industrialised nations and worldwide associations. Similarly, in the construction industry a trent toward eco-friendly and green buildings is rapidly growing.

  • Vision   To develop eco-friendly products
  • Mission   To supply a premium class of products that can contribute towards a brighter, greener future.


1918 ~ 1979

Nihon Spindle Manufacturing was founder at 1918 and commenced production and distribution of cooling towers at 1961. At the year 1972, Nihon Spindle Manufacturing developed its first FRP Cold Water Basin.

1980 ~ 1990

After successful developed its First FRP Cold Water Basin, Nihon Spindle Manufacturing developed the Low Noise Teachnology at 1980. While the year 1983, Nihon Spindle successful sold their first cooling towers in Malasia through Sumitomo Trading Company. After three year, the distribution and manufacturing rights on selected models were granted to Linear Group Malaysia.

1991 ~ 2007

In the year 1995, Dalian Spindle Cooling Towers Co.Ltd was establish. After the succesful of company, NS Cooling Towers Sdn Bhd was established for covering Malaysia and worldwide market at 2007.

2008 ~ 2018

At 2008, NS Cooling Towers Sdn Bhd commenced full production and ditribution of NS cooling towers and at the same year NS launched WA & KX series with CTI certified performance status in Japan. After a year 2009, NS Cooling Towers Sdn Bhd was changed to Nihon Spinde Cooling Towers Sdn Bhd.

Our Capturing Market Sectors

Cooling Tower KG Series

High Performance & Eco Friendly Design

The products advantage of lower noise levels and lover energy consumption. Innovative space saving design helps to minimise installation area requirements and the special design will significantly prevent costly damages and improve performance.

Crossflow Design

Crossflow Design

Maximize energy savings and softer impact on the environment. The design also offers superior advantages in maintenance procedures. It simplify the maintenance process and reducing its costs.

Cooling Tower

Extensive Long-Term Support

Nihon Spindle establish presence and reputable tract record worldwide will assure local customers of superb quality and services for many years to come. Besides, we continuosly seek to supersede the performance and quality of our exisitng products.

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